Will The Bears Regret Losing Allen Robinson?

Wide receiver Allen Robinson #12 of the Chicago Bears reacts after his catch for a first down against the Las Vegas Raiders during the first half of a game at Allegiant Stadium on October 10, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Bears defeated the Raiders 20-9.
(Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images)

The Chicago Bears come into the 2022 NFL season without a clear number one for Justin Fields.

However, the team believes they can work with Byron Pringle and Darnell Mooney for their core receiving group.

But those receivers aren’t proven top receivers like Allen Robinson was during his time in Chicago.

So without that proven top guy, are the Bears going to regret not re-signing Robinson?

Bears Hoping Mooney Has Another Breakout Season

Last season saw Mooney barely break 1,000 yards.

However, his numbers were up in every area of receiving stats.

With him breaking out in his second season in Chicago, the Bears hope to see him continue doing so into 2022.

But that production will rely heavily on Fields.

With Mooney entering his third year and Fields his second, both players are still learning in the NFL.

Chicago seems to believe that their young receiver can continue to improve in 2022.

If his production can continue improving, Chicago might not regret passing on Robinson.

However, his production in 2021 might have come from defenses focusing on Robinson when he played.

Bears Drafted Velus Jones To Help Receiver Core In 2022

Velus Jones is a Deebo Samuel-like asset to Chicago.

However, he isn’t a 1,000-yard receiver like Samuel.

But that doesn’t mean he can’t be with good coaching and good quarterback play.

He’s seen as a slot receiver type, with him being used as a running back when needed.

While he’s not a replacement for Robinson, he gives the Bears a receiver they can use in different ways.

However, we won’t know if his skill set from playing in college will transition well into the NFL.

He was used as a return man and for running plays during his college years, so he has experience doing those things.

Fans need to be patient to see if he can duplicate his college production in the NFL.

If he can, he’d be someone that would ease the pain of losing Robinson.

Even With Current Receivers, Robinson Could Have Been The Best Receiver For Fields

While Chicago can make it with the receivers they have, Robinson would have given them better chances in 2022.

He’s the only guy with a record of 1,000+ yard seasons for consecutive seasons.

While Mooney and Jones can grow into great receivers for Chicago, that isn’t happening this season.

However, Robinson would give experience and a mostly reliable receiver for Fields in 2022.

With fans always wanting a winning team every season in Chicago, it could lead to regret of letting him go.

But it also depends on how Robinson does in Los Angeles with quarterback Matthew Stafford.

If he doesn’t have production with a Super Bowl champion quarterback, he wouldn’t have it with Fields in Chicago.

However, if he has a good season and Chicago’s receiver’s play poorly, the regret fact will seep in.

For now, it looks to be a terrible decision to release a veteran receiver that their young quarterback needed.

But as time goes on, that feeling might change for Chicago and their fans.

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