Titans Would Be Foolish To Mess Things Up With A.J. Brown

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill #17 and wide receiver A.J. Brown #11 of the Tennessee Titans celebrate after connecting for a second half touchdown pass against the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Divisional Playoff game at Nissan Stadium on January 22, 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee.
(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

Wide receivers want contracts like quarterbacks got so far in 2022.

Big-name players like Aaron Rodgers, Kirk Cousins, Matthew Stafford, and Deshaun Watson all got paid in 2022.

Some receivers already got their money in 2022, like Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill.

However, some receivers have yet to get contract extensions or new deals.

One of those receivers is Tennessee Titans wide receiver A.J. Brown.

Brown is one of a few receivers refusing to take part in offseason programs with their teams.

Without Brown, the Titans take a hit at receiver, as they already lost Julio Jones to free agency.

Robert Woods Can’t Replace Both Brown And Jones

Tennessee made a trade earlier in the 2022 offseason with the Los Angeles Rams for Robert Woods.

He’s a proven receiver with a solid career during his time with the Rams.

However, he was brought to the team to replace the departed Jones.

He can’t be expected to fill in for both Jones and Brown.

Tennessee needs all the weapons they can get for quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

While the team has workhorse running back Derrick Henry, he can’t hold the entire offense on his shoulders.

It will be up to Tannehill and the receivers to help Tennessee have another playoff run in 2022.

While Woods helps, those young legs of Brown’s give the team an added young weapon to hurt defenses.

However, last season saw Brown miss games because of injuries.

Brown’s Numbers Suffered In 2021 Because Of Injuries

Brown showed in his first two seasons with the Titans he’s a 1,000-yard receiver.

However, several injuries he suffered in 2021 kept him to only 869 receiving yards for the season.

His receiving touchdowns also suffered, as he went from an 11-touchdown season in 2020 to five for 2021.

He suffered from a knee strain, hamstring pull, and calf pull, all hampering his play for the 2021 season.

The Titans might use those injuries against him during any potential holdout by him.

However, a move like that could prove foolish with the talent Brown showed in past seasons.

Keeping him around gives the team two top receivers for Tannehill in 2022.

If they want to make the playoffs in 2022, they need a deal done with Brown before the season starts.

He Needs To Show He’s Back To 100%

Even with all the issues he had in 2021, he only missed four games.

However, playing some games while not at 100% might have hurt his numbers.

Leg injuries are serious for receivers, and have ended some players’ careers before.

Brown might need to show the Titans he’s ready for 2022 and fully healed.

If he can’t show this, they might not extend him a better contract.

Before starting a new contract, they may see his injuries as too much of a risk.

However, they both could agree to something in the contract that helps Brown and covers the Titans.

Both sides want the best deal for themselves.

But getting that deal might prove difficult.

However, without a deal from the Titans, it seems Brown will holdout from the 2022 season.

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