The Kenny Pickett Hand Size Discussion Is Getting Old

Kenny Pickett #QB11 of Pittsburgh throws during the NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium on March 03, 2022 in Indianapolis, Indiana.
(Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)

The discussion of Kenny Pickett and his hand size is getting old, yet we still talk about it.

Even I have needed to point it out when talking about concerns NFL scouts had with him.

So how do you discuss the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback without bringing his hand size into the discussion?

Simple, you talk about his attributes over the hand discussion.

He did well in the NCAA last season and focusing on those stats is important.

2021 Was A Breakout Year For Pickett

Pickett’s 2021 campaign saw him pass for 4,319 yards and 42 touchdowns while only throwing seven interceptions.

The season helped him win ACC Player of the Year and the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award.

However, he did most than just win player and passing awards in 2021.

He even rushed for 241 yards and five touchdowns, as he showed he’s elusive against defenses.

His 2021 season also saw him improving on his ball security, only fumbling six times for the season.

With his focus on ball security, it should take the talks of his hand size off the table.

However, until he transitions into a successful NFL quarterback, pundits will continue to talk about this subject.

Will Being With The Steelers Lead To Success And End The Hands Talk?

There’s a winning breed in Pittsburgh with the Steelers franchise.

Pickett comes into town with large shoes to fill if he’s named starting quarterback.

He will fight Mitchell Trubisky for that job when the 2022 NFL Preseason begins.

However, that success he needs comes with pressure as the Steelers are playoff contenders every year.

Since the 2010 NFL season, the Steelers have made the playoffs eight times.

They don’t miss out on a playoff run often, something fans will expect Pickett to help the team continue doing.

However, Pickett has a great team of players and coaches around him to help him succeed.

With the potential to succeed in Pittsburgh, he can finally put the pundits to rest with his first playoff appearance as a starting quarterback.

Pickett’s Hand Size Is The Same As A Former Number One Overall Quarterback

While scouts and pundits talk about Pickett’s 8.5-inch hand size, they never did the same for one quarterback selected first overall.

That quarterback is Michael Vick.

Scouts with him didn’t make a stink about hand size.

They never said his hands would cause him to fumble the ball in the NFL.

However, they said all these things with Pickett and his hand size, a size the same as Vick’s

That is why the hand size talk is blown out of proportion with him.

It also shows how scouts easily forget how they are focusing too much on something that didn’t hold another player back in the NFL.

If Vick’s hand size would have been an issue when he was drafted, it would make national headlines.

However, scouts focused on the talent he showcased while playing for Virginia Tech.

These people arguing over Pickett’s hands should focus instead on his on-field talent.

That’s where fans, coaches, and pundits should judge him.

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