The Cowboys Can Still Make It Work With Amari Cooper

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
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The Dallas Cowboys seem eager to part ways with wide receiver Amari Cooper.

Cooper has been an excellent performer and had great chemistry with Dak Prescott from the beginning.

He is only 27 years old and his stats over the past four seasons with the Cowboys are great.

Cooper played in 56 games, scored 27 touchdowns, netted 3,893 receiving yards, and caught 292 passes.

It is still hard to fathom that money is the sole reason the Cowboys are reportedly ready to trade Cooper.

The Cowboys do have salary cap issues so trading Cooper does help them try to sign other free agents they need to compete in 2022.

How can they make this right?

Well, it depends on the definition of right.

Here are a couple of options.

1. Restructure His Deal

No matter what happens, it seems like restructuring his deal is a no-brainer.

Maybe they can figure out a way to keep him on the team.

If not, other teams may be more amenable to a potential trade with a restructured deal.

It is not clear if Cooper was asked to restructure his contract.

Because Cooper has openly said he loves playing in Dallas, it seems as though he would be amenable to restructuring his deal.

He said:

“I love being a Dallas Cowboy. I love everything about it. I think about it almost every day…Just the aura of being a Dallas Cowboy, you can’t beat it. I want to be a Dallas Cowboy for life.”

2. Trade Him To A Contender

If there is no way to retain Cooper, then hopefully the Cowboys owe him the respect of trading him to a contender.

He was a great player for the franchise so at least give him that on his way out.

There are reportedly many teams interested in Cooper.

According to Jordan Schultz, the Cowboys are asking for either a third or fourth-round draft pick.

The Cleveland Browns, Miami Dolphins, and New England Patriots have emerged as the frontrunners to trade for Cooper.

Given the need for a WR1 on each of these rosters, this is not surprising news.


For some reason, the Cowboys seem more focused on signing Michael Gallup who is coming off of an ACL injury.

This is perplexing, and no one understands what is happening.

It almost feels like desperation with so many free agents and so little money to go around because of the big contracts in previous years to Ezekiel Elliott, Dak Prescott, and Jaylon Smith.

Somehow the Cowboys have to keep the main players together, including Cooper, for 2022.

Every team has a sense of urgency to win, but this is more pronounced for the Cowboys given the players’ ages and contracts.

Factor in the coaching staff that is staying together for this season, it is now or never.

The Cowboys, if they are not successful in 2022, could end up being the Seattle Seahawks in the 2023 offseason with the massive dismantling of players and starting from scratch.

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