The Bears Should Be All-In On Getting Deebo Samuel

A Chicago Bears helmet and football is seen on the sidelines during the NFL game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Chicago Bears at Levi's Stadium on December 23, 2018 in Santa Clara, California.
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In blockbuster trade deals, the Chicago Bears have experience making them before.

Think back to the 2018 trade for Khalil Mack.

A 2021 draft day trade helped the Bears land Justin Fields.

Then there’s the busted trade the team made with the San Francisco 49ers to move up one spot to draft quarterback Mitch Trubisky.

However, there’s a new trade deal they can make with the 49ers that won’t flop.

That trade is for wide receiver Deebo Samuel, the all-around do-it-all player in the NFL.

If the Bears want a dominant offense, getting Samuel would help Chicago.

Bears Offense Needs A Swiss Army Knife

Some NFL fans call Samuel a Swiss Army knife.

That statement about him is very true.

He’s a special talent that can run, catch, and pass the ball.

Few players can to do that on game day.

This makes his talents on the football field very special.

It also makes him a highly sought after player.

However, the one team that needs him the most is Chicago.

With Samuel, the team gets a clear top receiver and an enormous boost to their normally disappointing offense.

He and Fields can work together to improve the Bears for the 2022 season and beyond.

It’s a wise investment if Bears leadership is serious about bringing a title to Chicago.

What Makes Deebo Samuel Worth A Trade To Chicago?

Did I already say he’s a Swiss Army knife?

Samuel is the all-in-one player in the NFL.

In 2021, he had 1,405 receiving yards, 365 rushing yards, 24 passing yards, and 15 total touchdowns.

However, the 1,405 receiving yards came on only 77 receptions.

So why is that a big deal?

It’s because if he had the same number of receptions that Cooper Kupp had, 145, he could have shattered the receiving yards record.

These things make Samuel a necessity on the Bears offense for 2022.

Just think of how Chicago could use him on offense.

The team has used other players similarly as Samuel was used in San Francisco.

That makes a move to Chicago an easy one for him to make.

Do The Bears Have What San Francisco Wants In A Trade Deal?

The biggest hold back of a trade deal could be what Chicago can offer to San Francisco.

However, we’ve seen the best receiver in the NFL during 2021 get traded for only two draft picks.

But could the Bears pull off a move like that with San Francisco?

Maybe, if the 49ers want to wait until 2023 to get a first-round draft pick.

That wait is because of the Bears not having a first-round pick until the 2023 NFL Draft.

However, it could be enough to tempt the 49ers into a trade deal.

The Bears have some other picks in the second round and later of the 2022 draft they can trade to San Francisco.

Plus, they owe Chicago for that 2017 draft day trade to move up one spot.

It’s the best place for him, if you ask any Bears fan.

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