Should Cubs Fans Be Concerned After An Ugly Weekend Series?

Seiya Suzuki #27 of the Chicago Cubs reacts after striking out during the first inning of Game Two of a doubleheader against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Wrigley Field on May 07, 2022 in Chicago, Illinois.
(Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images)

As a fan of the Chicago Cubs, I always like to see the glass as half full with the team.

However, the weekend series against the Los Angeles Dodgers didn’t allow for much liquid in the glass.

It was concerning to see Cubs pitching getting destroyed.

They weren’t the only ones looking bad in the series.

The Cubs offense was lackluster against the dominating Dodgers pitching staff.

In three games, the Cubs only scored three runs off 15 hits.

But should Cubs fans be concerned with their performance against an elite baseball team?

You Can’t Make The Playoffs If You Can’t Beat The Best Teams In MLB

It took the Cubs 108 years to win a World Series championship.

With Chicago’s current play on the field, it could be another 108 years before they win the next one.

To make the MLB playoffs, you’ve got to show that you’re able to beat some of the best teams in baseball.

However, the Cubs laid down against the Dodgers, causing them to get swept by the team.

They have to win at least one game in a series with elite teams if they want to have any hopes of making the playoffs.

But they haven’t been able to do that, as most of the batters and pitchers continue to struggle.

However, there is some small hope for a glass that’s empty of hope in Chicago.

Willson Contreras And Seiya Suzuki Give Some Hope In Chicago

At the bottom of the glass, there’s a small ray of hope for the Cubs faithful.

Seiya Suzuki snapped out of his hitting funk while Willson Contreras produced against the Dodgers.

While Suzuki only had two hits in three games against the Dodgers, it snapped a 1-23 streak he had over six games.

However, Contreras proved to be the brightest spot for Chicago last weekend.

His 4-10, two-RBI outing in three games gives the Cubs hope.

But the hopes of Chicago can’t lay at the feet of two players.

They need their team to get back on track, and fast.

Unless they want to look like another team in their division.

At Least The Cubs Aren’t The Cincinnati Reds, Yet

While Cincinnati had a winning team in football, their baseball team can’t say the same.

However, even the Reds are finding some hope with their two out of three wins against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

But could the Cubs be the next Reds of the MLB?

They could, if their pitching doesn’t improve.

While the Reds are dead last in every important pitching stat, the Cubs are right behind them.

They rank 27th in wins, 25th in ERA, and 27th in home runs allowed.

The weekend series against the Dodgers didn’t help the Cubs with any of those stats.

They allowed 20 runs off 24 hits and walked Dodgers batters 17 times in their three games.

So yes, Cubs fans should be concerned as they are trending towards the bottom of the MLB in 2022.

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