Seiya Suzuki Surprised About A Common MLB Practice

Seiya Suzuki #27 of the Chicago Cubs bats against the Los Angeles Angels during the fourth inning of the MLB spring training game at Sloan Park on April 02, 2022 in Mesa, Arizona.
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Japanese players who come over to play in the United States have to go through a series of adjustments that often go beyond the game itself.

Cultural changes, food, personal relationships, and smaller details all are different in Japan.

Apparently, practice times are also different there, or at least that’s why star Seiya Suzuki told the media present at the Chicago Cubs‘ training camp on Tuesday.

“Here’s Seiya Suzuki, when asked if anything surprised him about Spring Training,” MLB writer Jordan Bastian tweeted, with a hilarious Suzuki response.

Over the last few months, fans have been able to see and enjoy Suzuki’s funny personality: he is a spontaneous, clever guy, and that’s refreshing for the league.

He was asked today what has surprised him so far during spring training, and he said that he couldn’t believe how short practices are.

Practice Times Must Be Different In Japan

They must be very long in Japan, then!

A reporter appeared to say to him that he would tell (manager David) Ross to make practices longer, and Suzuki hilariously shook his head repeatedly.

Everyone from the cameramen to reporters and Suzuki himself shared a laugh.

It doesn’t matter how long practices are, Cubs’ fans have their hopes in Suzuki’s potent bat as they try to return to the postseason.

They are not favorites in the NL Central and a playoff spot may be hard to come by even with the expanded format, but the Cubs improved their roster and brought in a potential star in Suzuki.

In nine seasons playing in Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB), Suzuki has slashed .309/.402/.541 with an impressive .943 OPS, which is actually stellar.

He has power, patience, athleticism, charisma, and versatility, so he has what it takes to become the next Cubs legend.

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