MLB Teams Are Still Struggling Just To Get On Base

A baseball with MLB logo is seen at Citizens Bank Park before a game between the Washington Nationals and Philadelphia Phillies on June 28, 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Offense is down in MLB: pitchers know it, hitters know it, and, most importantly, the Commissioner knows it.

Weather conditions are roughly the same as last year, and not a lot has changed on other fronts.

That leaves us with the ball as the only element to blame, and it makes sense: hitters have said that it is definitely traveling less than usual.

For whatever reason, pitchers are dominating and hitters are struggling to get much going at the plate.

It’s definitely odd, given that there was an offensive explosion in MLB in 2019 because of the ball.

But right now, batters are struggling just to get on base, which is the most important thing for producing runs in bunches.

“13 teams still have on-base percentages below .303,” Codify Baseball tweeted on Thursday.

A Sad Offensive Performance

The fact that almost half of the league can’t even crack a .303 OBP is both sad and befuddling.

A sub-.300 OPS is extremely bad, and almost half of the teams (the league has 30 squads) are struggling to surpass that threshold.

Something needs to be done soon: it’s clear that some people has advocated for less home runs and more balls in play so that games can have more action, but this is getting out of hand.

Home runs are probably the most exciting play of all in the game of baseball.

It’s time for them to return as we knew it.

It’s already May and some top sluggers are struggling to produce much power.

Is the league manipulating the ball?

To what end?

What do they have in mind?

Fans have too many unanswered questions, and they are the ones paying to watch and enjoy the show.

It’s not fair for them.

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