Josh McDaniels Facing Immense Pressure With A Stacked Raiders Roster

Head coach, Josh McDaniels of the Las Vegas Raiders speaks to reporters during the NFL Draft Combine at the Indiana Convention Center on March 2, 2022 in Indianapolis, Indiana.
(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

The Las Vegas Raiders are hoping to hit the jackpot with Josh McDaniels as their new head coach.

Las Vegas is known for gambling, and that’s what the Raiders are doing with McDaniels.

His last outing as a head coach didn’t fare very well, which puts pressure on him this time to succeed.

However, the pressure intensifies when looking at the roster the Raiders put together for 2022.

First, they have the fifth-ranked passing yards leader from 2021 in Derek Carr.

Second, Davante Adams, the third-ranked receiver in reception yards for 2021, looks to boost the offensive receiver core.

Last, they have Josh Jacobs, the running back that will take pressure off Carr for 2022.

Are These Three Players The Key To McDaniels’ Success In Vegas?

Three players don’t make the entire team in the NFL.

However, these three can affect how teams play against the Raiders.

Jacobs had a great rookie season, but has fallen off with his numbers since coming to Las Vegas.

With a threat of the deep ball from Carr to Adams, he could find running lanes against defenses in 2022.

Carr, while being in the top five for passing yards, didn’t make many touchdown passes for 2021.

He finished the year with only 23 touchdown passes.

However, having his old college teammate with him in Las Vegas can give him the luck he needs.

When he and Adams played together at Fresno State, the duo broke college records.

Carr hopes to find that connection they had at Fresno State while playing in Las Vegas.

McDaniels Needs To Stay Away From Terrible Personnel Decisions

Personnel changes he made while in Denver are a nightmare from McDaniels’ coaching past.

He traded away many key players from the roster for draft picks.

He wasted those draft picks on players that were a bust in the NFL.

Repeating those same mistakes in Vegas would be disastrous.

The offensive and defensive personnel are set up to win games for the Raiders.

McDaniels just needs to set back and relax with personnel decisions.

Keeping him away from terrible personnel decision-making can help his career in Las Vegas.

The people that drafted Jacobs and set up the Las Vegas defense have this handled.

However, there’s one last thing McDaniels needs to stay away from if the pressure gets too intense.

Leave The Camera At Home, Josh

Some NFL fans that didn’t like the McDaniels hiring know his history as a head coach.

While with the Broncos, the NFL caught him sending a camera guy to film the walkthrough of the San Francisco 49ers.

However, it wasn’t the first time that he was on a team that was accused of filming their opponents.

When he was an offensive coordinator for the New England Patriots, the team was caught filming the opposing team’s defensive signals.

That put him in a terrible light with many NFL fans.

His success in Vegas hinges on him staying away from those old vices.

However, if he doesn’t, his time in Vegas might be short-lived.

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