Joe Girardi Has A Notable Take On Robot Umpires

Manager Joe Girardi #25 of the Philadelphia Phillies talks to umpire Mark Wegner #14 in the fourth inning against the Miami Marlins at loanDepot park on April 17, 2022 in Miami, Florida.
(Photo by Kelly Gavin/Getty Images)

Sunday night’s game between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Philadelphia Phillies was filled with mistakes by home plate umpire Angel Hernandez.

He had mistake after mistake last night, and was the worst umpire of the day.

One of the hottest topics of the last few years in MLB has been the possibility of using robot umpires to bring more fairness to the game.

Is it necessary?

Should MLB have an automated strike zone?

Phillies manager Joe Girardi, who was seen arguing with Hernandez after the latter ejected Kyle Schwarber for his viral rant, seems to be in favor of the automated zone.

“It isn’t an easy job. It isn’t. That’s why I’m kind of for the automated zone,” Girardi said, per FOX Sports MLB.

It Really Isn’t An Easy Job, And People Need To Understand That

Girardi said something that should really be analyzed and discussed, but often goes overlooked: “it isn’t an easy job.”

It really isn’t!

Imagine having to make a decision in fractions of a second.

And those decisions will heavily impact not only a game, but hundreds of lives and a whole business behind it.

These are trained professionals, but they are still prone to mistakes at their jobs like the rest of us.

Having said this, the robot umpires may be starting to be necessary.

Umpires are part of the essence of the game, but after a performance like Hernandez’s on Sunday night, something needs to be done.

Are the robot umpires the solution for better calls?

Maybe, maybe not, but most of the baseball universe seems to be in favor.

Girardi is now joining that list, if he wasn’t already on it.

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