Is Seiya Suzuki A Legitimate MVP Candidate?

Seiya Suzuki #27 of the Chicago Cubs watches the flight of a seventh inning solo home run against the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field on April 17, 2022 in Denver, Colorado.
(Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)

The MLB season is just beginning, but that hasn’t stopped the buzz on Chicago Cubs rookie outfielder Seiya Suzuki.

His rookie season is starting off with a bang, as his .414 batting average in 29 at-bats is impressive.

Suzuki comes from Japan and was a player in the Japanese professional baseball league.

His talent over there convinced the Cubs to sign him to a contract.

It is proving to be the best move for the Cubs this baseball season.

However, the season is still young, as is the MVP race which won’t get legs until August.

But that shouldn’t stop Cubs fans from soaking in the greatness of Suzuki since his debut.

Suzuki Earns Player Of The Week Honors

Monday saw the announcement of Suzuki as the NL Player of the Week.

For that week period, he went 7-17 with a .412 batting average, three home runs, five RBIs, and a 1.604 OPS.

Those numbers have kept the Cubs in games they might have otherwise lost.

He’s also seeing pitchers fearing him already, as he was intentionally walked twice during that one-week span.

It also means he’s made a smooth transition from the Japanese league into MLB.

The Cubs got a great player when they signed him this winter.

However, there are more things to his story in Chicago that could make him an MVP candidate this year.

Suzuki’s Nine-Game Hitting Streak Made History

While the Tampa Bay Rays put an end to Suzuki’s hitting streak on Tuesday night, he still made history.

In his nine previous games, he had at least one hit, giving him a nine-game hitting streak.

That streak would be the longest Cubs rookie hitting streak since 1943.

It also tied the longest hitting streak for a Japanese-born player in their MLB rookie season since Akinori Iwamura accomplished that in 2007.

That gives him an early edge with his batting numbers if he wants to make an MVP this season.

However, he might need to adapt to pitchers if they figure him out.

Baseball is about studying as much as it’s about talent.

Suzuki needs to learn this to continue his dominance at the plate.

Doing so will benefit both himself and the team.

It’s Too Early For MVP Talk, But He Shows Promise

The Cubs are only 11 games into a 162-game season.

So talking about Suzuki being an MVP hopeful at this stage is a little crazy.

However, he’s showing great hitting power and some patience at the plate.

These things help him when that MVP voting time comes around.

But it doesn’t mean he will ultimately take home the honors in 2022.

If he keeps playing at these levels, then he would be a lock for MVP.

However, as the season goes on, batters and pitchers make adjustments.

So it comes down to which player makes the correct adjustments on game day.

But he isn’t currently looking into any game day data.

However, if he does, he could become even more dangerous at the plate, ensuring an MVP title for himself.

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