Have The Cincinnati Reds Finally Turned A Corner In 2022?

Tommy Pham #28 of the Cincinnati Reds celebrates with Albert Almora Jr. #3 and TJ Friedl #29 after the final out in a 8-2 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park on May 13, 2022 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
(Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images)

Fans of the Cincinnati Reds haven’t had a good 2022 season.

The team holds the worst record in baseball and had a long losing streak of 11 games.

They even followed the 11-game losing streak up with a nine-game losing streak.

At least they were consistent with losing.

However, the past three series show a Reds team turning the corner for 2022.

What have they done in their last three series?

Reds Are 6-2 Since May 6th

Heading into their third game tonight against the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Reds are on a 6-2 run.

Luis Castillo is back in the lineup for the Reds, and their offense has performed well.

While their pitching hasn’t been the greatest, their offense has bailed them out at least once when they struggled.

However, the three teams the Reds faced could show if this run is legit or just pure luck.

The Brewers Are The Only Team Reds Face In Last Eight Games That Are Above .500

Two of their series were against the lowly Pirates, while one series was against the NL Central leading Milwaukee Brewers.

However, they won the series against the Brewers 2-1.

So there could be something to Cincinnati’s winning as of late.

But we might not know for sure until they face another proven team.

In the meantime, the Reds can enjoy the teams they are winning against and will face in the coming days.

Reds Can Take Advantage Of Next Slate Of Series Games

Cincinnati can ride the momentum they have into their next three series.

They have two games with the Guardians, three with the Blue Jays, and finish out with four at home against the Cubs.

The in-state rivalry game could give Cincinnati some fuel to win the two-game series.

While the Blue Jays are a better team, they are struggling lately and could fold against Cincinnati.

The last team, the Chicago Cubs, they have some problems they need to address.

Those problems give the Reds the perfect chance to take at least two games if the Cubs aren’t back on track.

However, after those three series, Cincinnati faces some tougher teams.

But the Reds could have some good news going into their tougher series of games.

Joey Votto Could Return During Blue Jays Series

The top first-baseman for the Reds has been out with a COVID related health issue since May 3rd.

However, the Reds currently have him on rehab assignment with their Triple-A minor league team.

But he could be back in time for the Blue Jays series later next week.

The question will become if the Reds want him at first-base or in as a designated hitter.

Before he landed on the COVID injury list, he had a .122 batting average and only three RBIs for the season.

Colin Moran has filled in for Votto and has posted some impressive at-bats during the Reds current streak.

While Votto might replace Moran at first when he returns, he might be better suited as a DH.

However, no matter where the Reds’ place him, he’s a leader they can use going into their tougher games in 2022.

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