Georgia Austin Shares Three Signs A Brand Needs To Hire A Copywriter

It might be a beautifully-designed website that receives very little organic traffic. Product pages bursting with information but converting to very few leads. Or perhaps as a customer, it’s simply impossible to understand what a brand is about, its values, and what makes it different from its competitors in the market. Content marketing CEO Georgia Austin argues that these things are all signs that a brand needs expert copywriting help.

Georgia Austin is the visionary entrepreneur behind copywriting agency, Wizard of Content. She is defying industry norms to produce creative, SEO focussed content at fast speeds. She says, “Companies turn to Wizard of Content as an extension of their in-house team. We help companies create brand equity through the magic of words.”

For Georgia, a verbal identity is as important as a visual one. There is no point in having a state-of-the-art website if the words populating it are bland. Generic content says nothing about what differentiates a company from its competitors. “When you think about it, words are incredibly powerful things – they can truly make or break a business.” 

According to Georgia Austin, a verbal identity is as much about sharing a company’s opinions and feelings as it is about product information. “Great content marketing is when you read words and feel something.” Emotion drives customer trust. Emotion persuades a potential client to purchase a product or service or sign up for a newsletter. Hiring a copywriter – as Georgia says – “helps brands communicate to the heart of their customers”.

However, the right words need to be visible. So, even brands with clear verbal identities can struggle if their content fails to pass muster through Google’s complex search algorithms. If landing pages are struggling to attract organic traffic, it is a sign that specialist help might be needed to optimize content for search. For Georgia, the two – verbal identity and SEO knowledge – go hand in hand. And for her, it is what sets exceptional copywriting agencies apart from the rest. 

She says, “Compelling content comes from marrying branding or verbal identity and SEO. At Wizard of Content, we combine the two to create killer content that resonates and performs.” Both are hard nuts to crack – requiring skills and knowledge built up over a career in copywriting and search. For smaller companies, in particular, it can be challenging to access those skills in-house. For larger corporations with branding and digital marketing teams, a copywriting agency can help develop highly-effective content at much greater speed.

For Georgia, the benefit of using a specialist agency like Wizard of Content is in pairing brands with specialist writers who have a passion, love, and in-depth knowledge of their particular industry – along with SEO expertise. If a brand has a website that doesn’t convert, landing pages that generate very little traffic, or generic content that lacks clear values or identity – it’s time to call in the experts.

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