Dan Ventrelle’s Firing Exposes Problems In Las Vegas

An Oakland Raiders helmet during their game against the St. Louis Rams at O.co Coliseum on August 14, 2015 in Oakland, California.
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On Friday, the Las Vegas Raiders fired Dan Ventrelle, the president of the Raiders organization.

He was fired by the franchise owner, Mark Davis.

However, Ventrelle is alleging his firing was due to him raising concerns about a hostile work place in Las Vegas.

The allegations follow the Raiders making offseason moves to put the team in a potential Super Bowl run in 2022.

With the details slowly coming out, it could pose a risk to the Raiders organization and their 2022 NFL season.

Ventrelle Went To NFL With Allegations When Ignored In Las Vegas

The former Raiders president took his duty to protect his people seriously.

When ignored in Las Vegas by the team owner, he took his case to the NFL.

However, he alleges that his move to sound the alarm led to his firing.

If true, it could lead to problems in Las Vegas that might affect their team in 2022.

As of now, the Raiders have said nothing about the allegations or why Ventrelle left on Friday.

While the Raiders are tight-lipped on everything, the NFL is taking the allegations seriously.

NFL Is Set To Investigate The Raiders

A spokesperson for the NFL has announced they are aware of this situation in Las Vegas and will “look into the matter.”

This marks the second time in less than a year that the Raiders have seen troubling accusations come from its organization.

Last season it was over head coach Jon Gruden and his racist and homophobic emails.

While those revelations led to Gruden leaving the Raiders team, people want to see what happens with Raiders’ ownership in this investigation.

If ownership fired their president for going to the NFL over internal problems, the NFL will reprimand Davis.

It could lead to him having to step down as owner, something that will shake the Raiders to the core.

What Affects Could An Investigation Have On The Raiders 2022 Season?

Davis and others will feel the effects of an NFL investigation.

People with the Raiders who caused the workplace to be hostile won’t be around after the investigation concludes.

However, a potential for others seeing the effects is possible.

The NFL could question players and coaches on the conduct in the Raiders organization.

While those questions are part of a proper investigation, they can lead to distractions.

Those potential distractions could tank any Super Bowl or playoff hopes.

Also, if any players were a part of the allegations, it could mean players will see the door after the investigation is over.

However, no names are available to the public over the matter.

So, as of now, no one knows who could be behind the hostile work environment in Las Vegas.

But if star players on the team are behind the problems in Vegas, the team’s season would be over.

While they built a team to win for 2022, they can’t allow toxic players to stay on the roster.

However, we must wait until the NFL concludes their investigation to get all the answers to this story.

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