Broncos Are Better Off With Russell Wilson Over Aaron Rodgers

Quarterback Russell Wilson #3 of the Denver Broncos poses with his jersey alongside (L) General Manager George Paton and Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett following an introductory press conference at UCHealth Training Center on March 16, 2022 in Englewood, Colorado.
(Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

With the trade of Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos, the team has the quarterback that they need under center.

A former Super Bowl champion, Wilson brings experience and a winning breed to Denver.

However, most people saw the Broncos going after Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers instead.

The reason people think this was due to the 2021 trade rumors about Denver being a landing spot for Rodgers.

Rumors went around about Rodgers wanting out of Green Bay and Denver wanting to acquire him.

When the 2021 NFL Draft began, Denver passed on getting a quarterback, further fueling the rumors of a Rodgers trade to Denver.

But that was never the case at all between Denver and Rodgers.

Rodgers would stay in Green Bay, and Denver is all the better for that choice.

Denver Doesn’t Need The Rodgers Rate

The Broncos did their discount double-check when they opted to trade for Wilson.

He has a $24 million cap for the 2022 season, ranking tenth in the highest-paid quarterbacks in NFL.

In contrast, Rodgers was one of the highest-paid quarterbacks with his contract restructure for 2022.

The Broncos also gave up a lot of draft capital to acquire Wilson.

The trade cost the team two first-round picks, two second-round picks, and a fifth-round pick.

With a Rodgers trade, it’s safe to say the Packers would have asked for even more for him.

The Broncos’ cap savings with Wilson makes the deal a better one for a quarterback with a proven record of being a winner.

Wilson Has A History Of Doing Great Things With Lesser-Known Receivers

Wilson didn’t always have the luxury of having big-name receivers when he was in Seattle.

He still found ways to make the plays needed with what he had at his disposal.

Rodgers, however, had the luxury throughout his career with talented big-name receivers.

Those top-tier receivers have made Rodgers look better than what he is in the NFL.

Rodgers also struggles with top-tier defenses.

Wilson is used to overcoming top-tier defenses when he was in Seattle.

These are the things that make Russell a better fit in Denver, who currently don’t have any elite receivers on the roster.

Wilson Doesn’t Bring Drama To The Team As Rodgers Has With Green Bay

Wilson is an elite quarterback who is also a professional.

When things between himself and the Seahawks began to sour, he never started drama over it.

Never have you heard stories about Wilson trashing the coaching staff or management.

Rodgers isn’t like Wilson in these matters.

Stories about Rodgers and his feelings about the Packers management and staff have been news stories over the years.

He even aired his bitterness with management in a press conference last year.

Drama distracts teams and players, something the Broncos don’t need there in Denver.

Wilson’s Character Will Up Lift The Broncos

His positive attitude will help uplift the Broncos’ offensive players.

He can inspire players and push them to be their best.

A positive attitude in the NFL from a star player can be worth more than people ever think about.

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