Bengals Still Not Pleased With Evan McPherson’s Super Bowl Actions

Jacksonville Jaguars v Cincinnati Bengals
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The Cincinnati Bengals are not pleased with rookie kicker Evan McPherson‘s one particular choice at the Super Bowl.

It has nothing to do with his kicking performance because he was amazing.

Rather, it has to do with him sitting on the bench watching the Super Bowl halftime show.

What Is The Big Deal?

Most of America was glued to its television sets to watch that same halftime show.

Is there anything McPherson is going to learn in the locker room at halftime that impacts what he has to do on the field?

The short answer is no.

Maybe he could have been less conspicuous, but it was the Super Bowl, and the halftime show is a big part of the festivities.

He sat on the bench and watched.

The rest of us wish we had that good of a seat.

It is worth noting that long snapper Clark Harris also stayed out of the locker room and watched the show, but he avoided the cameras.

Cincinnati’s special teams coordinator, Darrin Simmons, did not like how conspicuous McPherson was at halftime.

Simmons kept his remarks about the issue very brief.

He told The Athletic:

“That’s a sore subject. That’s a real sore subject.”

What McPherson Said About The “Controversy”

According to McPherson, it was always his plan to stay out and watch the halftime show.

McPherson said:

“Those are some of my favorite artists. Was once in a lifetime”

What Do Kickers Do In The Locker Room Anyway?

Halftime in the locker room is more to address the offensive and defensive positives and negatives that are occurring during the game.

Kickers are not involved in that.

They do not need a halftime break to sit down, rest, and recalibrate.

Even at the high school level, kickers often stay out on the field or come out early at halftime so they can practice.

The Bengals Got A Star In McPherson

Presumably, this is a minor issue for the Bengals because McPherson was a huge find in the 2021 NFL Draft.

He was drafted in the fifth round at No. 149.

McPherson is off to an excellent start.

He missed five field goals in the regular season.

All were from 40 or more yards away.

His longest field goal conversion was from 58 yards.

He missed two extra points all season long.

In the playoffs, he was perfect.

He made 14 field goals, five from 40 yards and beyond.

McPherson also converted on six extra points.

The Bengals cannot ask for better so they should let their kicker alone.

He is getting the job done and watching a good halftime show in the process.

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