2 NFL Teams That Could Trade For Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins #8 of the Minnesota Vikings looks on from the sidelines during the game against the Chicago Bears at U.S. Bank Stadium on January 09, 2022 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
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Kirk Cousins will enter the 2022 NFL season with the largest cap hit in all of the NFL with $45.166 million.

The Minnesota Vikings will have to trade or renegotiate Cousins’ contract to save on cap space.

While a restructure is an option, some people inside the Vikings organization might be ready to move on from Cousins.

A trade would be the best option for the Vikings, who would free up around $35 million in cap space with the trade.

Cousins also performed well in 2021, passing for 4,221 yards, 33 touchdowns, and seven interceptions.

That gives the Vikings some leverage in the trade market if they desire to ship him off.

However, it will come down to what the Vikings will want in return for Cousins.

There is no lack of teams that need or want a quarterback, good news for the Vikings.

But a trade could leave the Vikings without a proven quarterback to lead the team.

They could replace Cousin by drafting a quarterback, or trading for one.

So which two teams could trade for Cousins that would also help the Vikings out?

2. Houston Texans 

If the Vikings are looking to get a quarterback in return for Cousins, a trade with the Texans makes sense.

The Texans are looking to trade away Deshaun Watson, their star quarterback, who had legal issues that arose in 2021.

Now that Watson is no longer facing criminal charges, the Texans look to ship him off again.

Houston will be looking for a pretty penny for Watson.

The Vikings can offer Houston Cousins, a quarterback that Houston will need for 2022.

Minnesota will also have to give up some first-round draft picks.

Even though Minnesota will have to give up the most to trade Cousins to Houston, they will get a star quarterback in return.

The cap space they will save trading Cousins to Houston can help them build around Watson for 2022.

1. Pittsburgh Steelers

If the Vikings want to look to the draft for a quarterback, trading Cousins to the Steelers will be a good choice.

The Steelers are left without a quarterback since Ben Roethlisberger retired at the end of last season.

They will be looking for a quarterback that is proven.

Cousins gives Pittsburgh that desired trait.

He is a reliable quarterback that has few interceptions each season.

With veteran quarterbacks like Matthew Stafford and Russell Wilson getting teams multiple high-value draft picks, it isn’t beyond reach for Cousins to give the Vikings that same opportunity as well.

A trade to Pittsburgh would work out for both teams.

It would allow the Vikings to rebuild in this year’s draft while offloading cap space for free-agent acquisitions.

The deal would also benefit the Steelers and Cousins.

Cousins isn’t a mobile quarterback, just like Big Ben.

The Steelers’ offensive line protected Big Ben reasonably well, only allowing 38 sacks in 2021.

That makes Cousins a better mold for a Steelers offense that protects a pocket passer.

While Cousins’s fate is yet to be determined for 2022, the Vikings have options in what they can do with their star quarterback. 

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